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HKHAWS 19-20 Circular No. 11 - Promotion & Relegation Guidelines and Considerations

Dear Convenors,

Please find below on behalf of the HKHAWS Committee the guidelines and considerations regarding promotion and relegation for the coming season, which are consistent with the guidelines and considerations circulated last season.  


Guidelines and considerations regarding promotion and relegation: 

1. The overall goal is to maintain a strong multi-level competition that is sustainable for the long term.

2. Specifically with regards to the Premier Division, the goal is to expand the premier division to 9 and eventually 10 teams. This is to ensure a strong and healthy premier competition, which will offer top players the best competition and support those players competing at national team level.

3. Where possible, the aim is to have an even number of teams in each division with at least 10 teams in each division (other than the premier division as mentioned above).

4. No club will be allowed more than 2 teams in a division, with a possible exception in division 4.

5. The winning team in each division should have the opportunity to be promoted at the end of the season (with the exception of the Premier Division winner). Such promotion usually requires a team to be relegated from the division they move into.

6. The committee needs to consider new team requests, and team withdrawals and any other special circumstances when setting the divisions.

7. The committee maintains discretion to make promotion/ relegation decisions as it sees fit, and for the benefit of the competition.

Fixtures & Knock-out Tournament - please note the final fixtures for the first round have been uploaded on the website  The fixtures for the second round and the knock-out tournament match dates will be circulated as soon as possible.  The knock-out competition will be in the following format - the Premier Division shall compete in the Guv Dillon Cup, the First Division in the Knock-Out Cup, the Second Division in the Plate, the Third Division in the Bowl and the Fourth Division in the Saucer. The draw will be determined by league standings after two full rounds (with the veteran teams being excluded for this purpose).


Kind regards

Leela Patel

Chairwoman of HKHAWS