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Youth Hockey Exchange Program 2023 - South Korea

Youth Hockey Exchange Program 2023 - South Korea

Date: 16-19 March 2023

Final list 

Men's team

1. Au-Yeung Yin Man Rex  Athlete
2. Buddle Louis  Athlete
3. Chan Chak Hang Josh  Athlete
4. Chan King Laam  Athlete
5. Cheung Yan Kwan  Athlete
6. Chiu Chun Him  Athlete
7. Degrange Antoine Nicolas  Athlete
8. Lim Joshua Zhuo Shun  Athlete
9. Lo Lok San  Athlete
10. Low Tsz Kin
11. Lu Ka Pak  Athlete
12. Ranjan Adhit  Athlete
13. Sidhu Sohailpreet Singh  Athlete
14. Singh Wishavdeep  Athlete
15. Sze Shing Chun  Athlete
16. Yue Pui Him  Athlete
Official  Dillon Kulwant Singh Coach
Official Lui Kim Ming Manager

Women's team

1. Au Sin Ting  Athlete
2. Cheung Wing Yan  Athlete
3. Choi Cheuk Yan  Athlete
4. Dcosta Adriana Mary  Athlete
5. Kaila Ashlyn Kaur  Athlete
6. Kwong On Shin  Athlete
7. Liu Xinyao  Athlete
8. Lo Lok Yin Jasmine  Athlete
9. Pieters Ivy Nina  Athlete
10. Pieters Liz Melati
11. P'ng Jing Qi Sheryl  Athlete
12. Poulton Siena Mai De Vere  Athlete
13. Tse Man Hei
14. Wang Caitlin Xiao Lan  Athlete
15. Wong Hui Yau  Athlete
16. Wong Valerie  Athlete
Official  Arifali Coach
Official Lau Pui Sze Assistant Coach / Team Manager

Selection Procedure

1. Selection of players will be made by a Selection Committee composed of the Coach, Manager, and at least two (2) other persons with previous international hockey experience as a player or official.  

2. Players will be informed in advance of the dates of selection trials. 

3. Decisions of the Selection Committee, if any, will be communicated through the office via email to all those who have applied. 

Appeal Mechanism

1. A player who wishes to appeal against his/her non-selection must first lodge an appeal to the Vice Chairperson or Secretary of the respective HKHAMS / HKHAWS committee, in writing, within 48 hours of the notification of the non-selection, setting out the reasons for the appeal.

2. The committee will convene a three-person Appeal Board amongst the respective of HKHA Men's / Women's Section Committee, who have had no part in the selection process, to hear and decide on the appeal. Vice Chairperosn or Secretary will inform the player of the Appeal Board's decision in writing not less than 14 working days of the date of appeal.

3. The decision of the Appeal Board shall be final.