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Mini Hockey

Imagine spending some quality time on Sunday morning with your children out on the field for a breath of fresh air while participating in a healthy and enjoyable sport. Mini Hockey is considered to be a fun and challenging sport, which requires agility, quick reflexes and teamwork. Children will not only be physically stronger, they will gain confidence in communication, understand the need for self discipline and most importantly learn to promote an environment where they can develop a good interpersonal relationship.

For a child being into sports is to tackle some challenges, learn to excel at what he does, win a game and have fun. We all have this child-like quality in us and Mini Hockey provides an opportunity for parents to reclaim their childhood by participating in the game, after all what better way to understand your child than to experience being into their own sports.

Skills & Teamwork

Mini Hockey is a modified version of conventional field hockey designed for children age 6 to 12. The training sessions provide solid foundation of basic skills and concepts, such as, passing, receiving, moving, tackling, dribbling and shooting with or without the ball. To win in field hockey, players do need quick and skilled execution of fundamental techniques fueled by intelligence and physical prowess that include proper body balance, aerobic endurance, flexibility and exceptional hand-eye coordination.

A Game For Everyone

Field hockey is a swift and skill based game. Physical size is unrelated and body contact is prohibited. Deliberate obstruction is considered a foul bound by the rules of the game. Therefore, boys/girls and men/women can play together in a mix game.

Culture Awareness

There is a good mix of different ethnic culture within the mini hockey community. Children will learn to respect others’ culture, which helps immensely in the personal development of your son/daughter and an indispensable tool in molding your child as a well-adjusted individual in the society.


Player must wear hockey shin guards, made from lightweight plastic or foam, to help reduce injury from the ball or from other players’ sticks. Although hockey is a safe sport, it is strongly recommended that players wear mouth guards to protect the teeth and mouth.

Equipment Price Range:

Hockey Stick - HK$80-300, depending on quality (may be provided by clubs)
Shin Guards - HK$20-50
Mouth Guard - HK$40

Club Friendly Matches

There are at least 4 mini-hockey clubs in HK namely, Kai Tak Club, Discovery Bay Club, Kowloon Cricket Club (KCC), Hong Kong Football Club (HKFC) *(See below for more details). Every year each of these clubs will take turn in hosting a friendly league inviting the other 3 clubs to participate. Thus, there will be 4 friendly leagues for members of each club to develop field hockey skills, building confidence, experiencing success and have fun.

Mini Hockey Club:

Club   Day   Time   Venue   Joining Fee Age Range Note

Dutch Hockey Stars


Saturday mornings




Happy Valley Pitch 1



Full season - HK$1,100

Half season - subject to date joining

Mini stars - 4-7yrs

Mini masters - 7+-10yrs

Junior stars - 10+yrs

Classes taught in English

Contact Email:


Kai Tak


Every Sunday (Except June)


9:30am -11:00am


Lok Fu Astroturf


Annual fee HK$360



Bring your own shin guards

Contact Email:



Every Sunday


9:00am - 1:00pm


KCC field / indoor sports hall


Member: $800

Non-Member: $3,000

*Participants are required to bring their own kits


 Aged 5+


Bring your own sticks, shin & mouth guards

Contact Email: 





5:00pm - 7:00pm

11:00am - 1:00pm

HKFC Pitch


$1600 HKFC Mambers

$2000 Non-Members

10 - 16 yrs

6 - 9 yrs

Contact Email:




Every Saturday


08:30am -



$1,200 - $1,400(Including training kit and professional coaching)



Contact Email:

Shaheen Sports Club


Every Saturday


8:30am - 10:00am


King's Park Hockey Ground


$1,650 (including coaching fees, Shaheen kit and pitch fees)



Bring own shinguard and sticks

Contact Email:

DB Pirates Every Saturday 08:00am - 11:00am Discovery Bay International School

$2,600 for season:

  • season is 35 weeks with 25 sessions,
  • includes full kit for new members
  • includes Social Membership for the Responsible Adult
5 to 14 yeas of age

Language Conducted in: English

Contact emails:


Valley RFC Mini Hockey


Every Saturday




Happy Valley Pitch 1


$650 12 weeks & $1,300 24 weeks (Includes Valley Mini Hockey Kit, pitch fees & professional coaching)



Bring Shin Pads & Gum Shields

Contact Email:

What if I’m over 12 and interested in playing Hockey?

Each year Hong Kong Hockey Association hosts many training sessions for teenagers in order to promote awareness of field hockey in Hong Kong. Please click Hockey Courses for more information.