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HKHAWS 19-20 Circular No. 16 - Walkover Penalties Under Current Unpredictable Environment

Dear all

We do appreciate that some individuals may have difficulties or concerns about attending matches in the current unpredictable environment making it difficult from time to time for a team to field 8 players on a particular day. 

Accordingly the WS has agreed pursuant to competition bye-law 21 that the following penalties with regards to walkovers will apply with effect from 23 November 2019 until further notice from the WS.

If teams are not able to field 8 players due to the aforementioned difficulties, WS will waive the financial fine for such team subject to the condition that written notice is given by them specifying the reasons before 9am on the day of the game.  The game will then be forfeited in accordance with the bye-laws resulting in a 4-0 loss.  

Should both teams decide to forfeit the same match, the financial fine payable by a walk-over team will be waived subject to the same condition as above being met by that team AND both teams will be deducted one (1) point.

Please note that the above interim measures apply to both premier division and non-premier division. In addition, in accordance with the competition bye-laws, should any potential walkover involve a premier division team this will immediately be referred to WS, and should any potential walkover involve a non-premier team, this will be referred to WS upon a third walkover.

Kind regards