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HKHAWS 20-21 Circular No. 4 - WL 2020-21 Club Registration, Fees and First Meeting of Convenors

2020-21-WS League Invitation-to-register
2020-21-WS League Checklist

Dear Club Convenors,


Please find attached the official letter of invitation for the HKHAWS 2020/21 Winter League together with the checklist.


1. Season Calendar

Target Start Date: The target start date for the Winter League is Saturday 7 November 2020.


In line with Circular No. 3, option A will be the expected competition format.


No Play Dates: Please note that given the ongoing uncertainty we will not be able to accommodate requests for no play dates. However, we have set out below the anticipated calendar:


Season Dates

 ‧ Season and League start: Saturday 7 November 2020

 ‧ Season end (i.e. knock out finals): Saturday 5 June 2021

There will be no hockey during the following dates:

Christmas break: 20 December 2020 – 2 January 2021

‧ Chinese new year: 8 February – 19 February 2021

‧ Easter: 2 April – 6 April 2021


2. Registration of Teams & Payment of Fees – Online Form

On or before Friday, 16 October 2020 at 5pm please complete the online club registration form and send an email to and with the following:

‧ Evidence of payments as stipulated in the form to join the league; and

‧ Kit designs if your club is new or has changed its kit design since the 2019/20 season - the designs and colours of the 2 sets of playing uniform (including socks, skirts/skorts and shirts). Shirts must be numbered. Each player must have a unique shirt number within a club.

Fees: Further to Circular No. 3 [] fees will be discounted from the previous season and paid in two instalments. The first instalment of fees for the forthcoming season (which are payable by Friday, 16 October 2020 at 5pm) will be as follows:


(A) 100% of League Fees (Team Registration Fee)


$750 (per team) 

(B) Administration Fees

      (i) 100% of Club Affiliation Fee


      (ii) 50% of Administration Fee


$750 (per club)


$4,400 (per team)


(A) and (B) must be made as two separate payments.  



Please note that if a Club pays the above fees aggregated into a single payment, such payment will not be accepted by the HKHA.


Details about the payment methods and calculations are included in the attached Invitation to Register. We hope that all of the above is clear, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


3. Convenors’ Meeting

Convenors’ Meeting: please note that a Club Convenors’ meeting will be held by zoom in on Tuesday, 27 October 2020 at 7:00pm. It is important that you (or a representative) attend this meeting.


4. Player Registrations


5. Ongoing communication with HKHAWS

During these uncertain times we appreciate some teams may be experiencing difficulties either now or later in the season and we strongly encourage all clubs to maintain open communication with us about potential difficulties so they can be considered carefully by the Committee earlier on. For example, the minimum number of players that may be registered in a team is 15 players. Should you have any concerns about meeting this requirement please contact the HKHAWS by 2pm on Thursday, 15 October 2020 so that the Committee may consider any potential dispensations on a case by case basis prior to the payment deadline.


Best regards


The Hong Kong Hockey Association

Women’s Section