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HKHA P&D Section 20-21 Circular No. 2 - 1st Coaching Round Table

To: Convenors of Affiliated Clubs (Youth & Mini)

       All Coaches


CC: HKHA Council Members

       HKHA P&D Committee Members



Hong Kong Hockey Association Promotion and Development

1st Coaching Round Table




Dear Coaches and Convenors,



We would like to invite you to an informal coach education gathering on: 

i) Frameworks for Development: Designing Youth Pathways and Development Models

ii) Youth League




What is a P&D coaches round table? 

Part social, part educational, the P&D coaching round tables are a relaxed environment for the Hong Kong hockey coaching community to share and explore ideas around matters of hockey development in Hong Kong. Brief presentations will be made across a variety of topics over the course of the year to stimulate conversation.  



Date:                6th November 2020 (Friday)

Time:               19:00 - 20:00

Location:         King’s Park Conference Room



This session will involve a series of short presentations followed by Q&A and group discussions. 


Presenter/Facilitator: Benjamin Chiu – Valley RFC Youth Hockey Head Coach 


Frameworks for Development: Designing Player Pathways and Development Models 


Presentation and open forum with a focus on generating discussion between coaches. With an aim to: 

•           Develop Hockey in Hong Kong 

•           Promote exchanges of ideas 

•           Foster enthusiasm for Development Coaching 

•           Provide opportunities of additional (coaching) Education 


What the presentation will look at: 

•           What is a Player Pathway? 

•           What is a Development Model? 

•           Where do you start? 

•           What do you need? 

•           What would be nice to know? 


Aim to open discussion on: 

•           Development coaching knowledge gaps 

•           National (Technical) direction vs Club (Technical) direction 

•           What would make for good development coaching education forums 




If you are interested to attend this meeting, please sign up here :




Promotion & Development Section

The Hong Kong Hockey Association