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HKHAMS 20-21 Circular No. 13 - Alternative Access to HKFC for Men's League Matches on 28 Mar 2021

HKFC - Visiting Team Access and Tracking
HKFC Infield Sports - Access Map
Visiting Team Attendance Sheet

Dear Convenors

We are pleased to inform you that HKFC has put in place a tentative alternative system for visiting teams to sign-in to HKFC for their scheduled league matches who have reservations about using the LHS app.

We will try this system this weekend.  Please find attached the documents in relation to the new system.  This is self explanatory.

A lot of time has been invested to make this happen so please make sure you read the attached carefully and follow it in good faith so that it can be rolled out for subsequent games. 


Thanks for your support and understanding, 



Tony Ng

Hon Secretary