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(REVISED) HKHAMS 21-22 Circular No. 10 - ML 21/22 Safety on Pitch

10 November, 2021

Dear Convenors and Umpires,


The MS committee is sorry to receive several injury reports on the head in the past few weeks. Safety is always the first priority on the pitch and we do not want to see any accident happens again. 


Following are some reminders to all players and umpires:

  1. Players should only play the ball above shoulder in safe condition (no other player is within 5m) during Premier and D1 games. 
  2. Players are not allowed to play or hold the sticks above shoulder height at all time during D2-D6 games (except the situation where a defender is trying to deflect a shot on goal). 
  3. Umpires should blow early, especially to high dangerous ball which may cause more than 2 players contacted. 
  4. If there is any injury involved ambulance service, please inform the committee via email within 24 hours after the match. 


The committee hopes all injured players a speedy recovery and return to pitch soon.


Play safe and enjoy hockey. 




Francis Ho