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SML 2022 – Circular No. 2 Important Changes


SML2022 - Player Registration Form

SML2022_Parental Permission Letter for Players Under 18


To: Men’s and Women’s Convenors 

       Convenors of Summer Mixed League 


Cc.: Council’s Committee

        Sections’ Committee (Men’s, Women’s and P&D’s) 

27 May 2022

Dear Convenors,


We hear you! The SML Committee is aware of the challenges that your team may be facing, hence, we will grant extra flexibility this summer, by allowing:

  1. Female players can now be registered to up to 2 teams
  2. Players playing as a goalie (fully kitted up) can now be registered up to 2 teams


Due to the change of rule, we are extending the registration to on or before 17:00 on Friday, 3rd June, 2022 online at the following link:



Player Registration


Each team is required to register its players using the attached Form (SML2022 - Player Registration Form.xls).


Players who have not registered in the Men’s or Women’s League during season 2021-2022, have to submit an ID card for player registration use.


Teams may register players at any time during the league.  The deadline of submitting the initial Player Registration will be on or before 17:00 on Wednesday, 8th June, 2022 unless an updated deadline is provided by HKHA when necessary.



Convenors Meeting


A meeting will be held on Wednesday, 8th June, 2022 at 7:30pm via ZOOM to discuss the Summer Mixed League arrangements and Bylaws. All team captains / convenors are requested to attend or to have a representative attend.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Wishing you all an enjoyable summer of hockey.



Best Regards,


The Summer Mixed League 2022 Committee

The Hong Kong Hockey Association