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SML 2022 – Circular No. 3 Team Entry Confirmation and Convenors' Meeting on 8 June 2022

SML2022_Group & Team Colours

6th June, 2022

Dear Convenors, 


We are pleased to inform you that your team is successfully entered the Summer Mixed League 2022! 


Below are some points to note: 


Entry Fee 

The entry fee of $1,500 per team must be received by the HKHA office on or before 17:00 on Friday, 17th June 2022.


Any team that has not paid by this date will be withdrawn from the league immediately. 


Payment details: 

  1. Please prepare a cheque payable to “The Hong Kong Hockey Association” and send it to Summer Mixed League at 1st Floor, Administration Block, King’s Park Hockey Ground, 6 Wylie Road, Kowloon.

    Kindly write down your full name and team name at the back of the cheque for our reference.
  2. ATM or Online payment to HSBC account #658-117619-838

    Please email the soft copy of the ATM or Online payment receipt to with your full name and team name for our reference. Application is deemed as unsuccessful in absence of payment receipt.


Player Registration 

Each team is required to register its players using the attached Form (SML2022 - Player Registration Form.xls)


Players who have not registered in the Men’s or Women’s League during season 2021-2022, have to submit an ID card for player registration use. 


The deadline for submitting the Player Registration will be on or before 17:00 on Wednesday, 8th June, 2022



Consent Form 

Due to the Covid-19 situation, HKHA requires all players to complete a declaration form (Google Form) to confirm their consent for Participation in Hockey Activities under Covid-19 Restriction. The submission of the completed Google Form  (  is MANDATORY for the player registration in SML 2022.  Please send the link to your players and remind them to complete the form by deadline on or before 17:00 on Monday, 13th June, 2022


You are advised that your team will only be allowed to be played in SML 2022 unless all your players who registered under the submitted registration form have completed the online declaration form.    



Convenors’ Meeting 

A meeting will be held at 19:30 on Wednesday, 8th June, 2022 via ZOOM to discuss the Summer Mixed League arrangements and Bylaws. All team captains / convenors are requested to attend or to have a representative attend. 


Please rename the username as “Team Name – Convenor/Rep. Name” for our attendance record .


ThemeSML 2022 Convenors’ Meeting

Date8th June 2022



Invitation of ZOOM Link:


Meeting ID︰510 438 8354




Useful information 

The items listed below are attached to this email for your information. Please pass this on to your team captains and players. 



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  


Look forward to seeing you at the Convenors meeting on Wednesday, 8th June 2022. 


Best regards, 


The Summer Mixed League 2022 Committee  

The Hong Kong Hockey Association