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HKHAMS 22-23 Circular No. 2 - Men's League 22-23 Club and Player Registration, Fees


1. Form B for Re-registration of existing players (Change of Shirt #, U18 Players and Visiting Players)

2. Form C for Transfer of players

3. HKHA Code of Conduct (Aug 2020)

4. Arrangement of Re-Registration Process

5. Note for Player Registration

6. Uniform Advertising

7. Player Portrait Photo Sample

8. MS – Players’ Declaration Form 22-23

9. HKHAMS Key Dates for 22-23 Season


Dear Club Convenors,


The start of the new 2022-23 will soon be upon us.  The first games of the Men’s Winter League 2022-2023 are targeted to be played on 18 September 2022, while the first round of Premier Division games are scheduled for 25 September 2022.


1          Club Registration

Club registration is done at  The deadline is 5pm, 04 August 2022 (Thursday).  Any special relegation or promotion request must be indicated in the Club Registration Form.
Please note that **According to the bye-laws 3.1, membership of the HKHAMS shall be by the joint invitation of the Council and the Men’s Committee. Therefore, the acceptance of your club registration request will subject to the final decision by Council and Section.**  The council will issue a confirmation of renewal of club membership for successful registration.


2          Player Registration

 The standard procedure of player registration for the new season and the relevant registration forms are attached in this email.  Please refer to the attached file “Note for Player Registration” and “MS – Arrangement of Re-Registration Process” for details, all cases of player registration are listed in the notes.


Due to the Covid-19 situation, HKHA requires all players to complete a declaration form (Google Form) to confirm their consent for Participation in Hockey under Covid-19 Restriction.  The submission of the completed Google Forms is MANDATORY for the player registration in 2022-23 season.  We have created a dedicated Google Forms for each club (see attached PDF file) that you can copy and paste the link for sending to your players.  A player could only be registered and participate in the league with a completed declaration.


In order to ensure that the registered players could be recorded and shown correctly on their respective team lists in time, please take action to upload player details together with their passport size photos onto the HKHAMS player database and complete the Players’ Declaration Form before 5pm on 06 August 2022.  Late registration will result in delayed confirmation.


Please pay particular attention to the followings during the player registration:

2.1         Re-registration of Existing Player for Change of Shirt #, U18 Players and Visiting Players

Complete Form B – “Re-registration of Player – Special Request” and email to HKHA


2.2         Registration of New Player 

(i)                 Submit registration at 

(ii)              After submission, convenor will be notified by email and the following steps are required:

  1. log on to the system;
  2. check the details;
  3. assign team and shirt number;
  4. submit the registration to HKHA through the system.

(iii)            New player registration will only be processed after all the required documentation and the passport-size photo are appropriately uploaded.


2.3         Underage Player (age under 18)

Underage players must provide their parent’s or guardian’s signature on the registration forms.  Convenors could print the completed registration forms om the system(a print button is provided for doing so) and then upload a copy of the signed form to the system.  If clubs does not accept the player’s registration, convenors can use the "reject" button to respond to the player.


2.4         Player’s Portrait Photo

We only accept clear, forward facing, high resolution passport size photo of the players in Jpeg format.  A sample photo is attached for your reference.


2.5         Sponsorship on Playing Kit

According to the HKHAMS Competition Bye-laws, written approval from the HKHAMS is required before a club can accept any sponsorship.  If your club has secured new sponsorship involving a change to the design of your playing kit, please submit the design indicating the size and placement of sponsor logos for HKHAMS approval.  Please refer to the attached file “Uniform Advertising” for the relevant requirements.


3          Team Fees 

MS has decided to offer an one-off discount to the annual administration fees this year to return the savings from the shortened season in 2021-2022.


3.1         Fees for 2022-2023 Season


  1. Team Registration Fee:

HK$750 per team

  1. i) Annual Affiliation Fee:

ii) Annual Administration Fee:

HK$750 per club

HK$12,250 per team for Premier

HK$9,150 per team for 1st Division

HK$7,250 per team for 2nd and 3rd Divisions

HK$6,250 per team for 4th, 5th and 6th Divisions


3.2         Payment Timing

Clubs will be allowed to make team fee payments by 2 instalments as described below.


1st Instalment (non-refundable) – 5pm on Monday, 15 August 2022

This will be comprised of:

  1. 100% of League Fee (Team Registration Fee)
  2. Administration Fees
    1. 100% of Club Affiliation Fee
    2. 50% of Administration Fee

*Please settle (A) and (B) payment SEPARATELY due to LCSD requirements.



2nd Instalment – 5pm on Friday, 25 November 2022

This will be comprised of:

  1. 50% of Administration Fee

Example on Calculating the Total Fees

If there are 2 teams (play in 2nd Division and 6th Division) under the Club X, the payment of Club X will be as below:

1st Instalment

Payment (A): HK$750 team registration fee x 2 teams = HK$1,500 as the 1st payment

Payment (B): HK$750 affiliation fee per club + 50% of Administration Fee for two teams (HK$7,250 x 50% + HK$6,250 x 50%) = HK$7,500

Hence, HK$1,500 should be shown on the 1st receipt and HK$7,500 should be shown on the 2nd receipt.


2nd Instalment

50% of Administration Fee for two teams (HK$7,250 x 50% + HK$6,250 x 50%) = HK$6,750


3.3         Payment Methods

*Cheques to be made payable to "The Hong Kong Hockey Association" or transfer payment to HSBC 658-117635-838 (The Hong Kong Hockey Association).
Please attach either the image the bank-in slip in case of transfer via ATM or the screenshot of the confirmation of the online transfer (payment is deem as unsuccessful in absence of receipt) and email to


4          Convenor’s Meeting (2 September 2022)

The first Convenors’ meeting will be held at 19:30 on Friday, 2 September 2022 at Conference Room, 2/F. Administration Block, King’s Park Hockey Ground, 6 Wylie Road, KLN.

In order to comply with the latest social distancing rules, each club will be allowed to send 1 representative to attend the meeting.

Please complete the attendance form at: no later than 5pm on Monday, 8 August 2022.


Please complete the attached forms and return to

Should there be any queries, please feel free to contact us at 2782 4932.





Jacky Chow
Hon. Secretary