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HKHAUS 22-23 Circular No. 9 - Fake umpire issues

To:       Convenor of Affiliated Clubs (Men’s, Women’s & Youth’s)

            All Umpires

CC:      HKHA Council Members

            HKHA Sections Committee Members


28 November 2022

Dear umpires and convenors,

Recently, the Umpires' Section has received some complaints from teams that some unqualified umpires have been using fake identities in umpiring official league matches. 

We noticed people are using registered umpires' number to umpire league matches. We must say that this is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE since we cannot ensure the identity and qualifications of the involved parties. It is important to make sure all umpires umpiring official league matches are properly qualified and registered. It is dangerous and unfair to the players as well as the other umpire colleague of the match to use fake identity in umpiring.

The Umpires' Section has been closely monitoring the performance and identity of all umpires. Recently, two involved umpires were suspended from umpiring matches immediately, investigation will be carried out and respective punishment shall be applied to the involved umpires. 

Umpires are reminded to keep their login details in safe custody. Should you be aware of possible information leak or difficulty in filling the match card, you are advised to notify the Umpires’ Section immediately to arrange change of password and 

Convenors and team captains are highly recommended to check the identity of all umpires before every game to ensure the umpire’s identity matches the information that has been input on the match card. You are advised to notify the Umpires’ Section if it comes to your reasonable suspicion that some people might be using fake identity in umpiring your match.

The Umpires’ Section will keep close communications the Men’s and Women’s Sections to ensure the quality and performance of registered umpires. 

Thank you for your attention.



Phoebe CHOI

Hon. Secretary