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HKHAWS 22-23 Circular No. 15 - Women's Premier Division 5-a-side Tournament Rules and Fixtures


FIH Rules of Hockey 5s


Dear Premier Division Saturday Teams, 

Women's Premier Division 5-a-side Tournament will be happening on 14th January, 2023 from 15:30 to 18:15 at Happy Valley Recreation Ground (HV1). Please find attached the FIH Rules of Hockey 5s and fixtures for your reference. 

The tournament shall be following the attached (12Jun2020) FIH Rules of Hockey 5s with the exception of the time period. 

Each team will be required to send a representative to register on or before 15:00 at the hockey pitch.  They will be required to fill in the registration form as well as present the HKHA registered team list (with color photos).

Kindly ensure that each team brings two playing kits in case of clash of color.

Match Scheudle
  Team Team Time
1 HKFC A HKFC B 15:30 15:42
2 KCC A Valley A 15:45 15:57
3 Coyotez HKFC B 16:00 16:12
4 Valley A HKFC A 16:15 16:27
5 Coyotez KCC A 16:30 16:42
  Watering 16:42 16:57
6 KCC A HKFC B 16:57 17:09
7 Coyotez Valley A 17:12 17:24
8 KCC A HKFC A 17:27 17:39
9 Valley A HKFC B 17:42 17:54
10 Coyotez HKFC A 17:57 18:09
      *12 minutes per match

Thank you for your attention to the above and we look forward to seeing you on 14th January, 2023.

Best Regards,