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HKHAMS 22-23 Circular No. 22 - Experimental Bye-law and Playing uniform

Dear Club Convenors,

Please note the updates on the experimental rules and reminder on team uniforms.

Experimental Rules:

The Men’s Section has considered that the experimental bye-law (U21 players) will also be played in the second half after review, and evaluation will be conducted in the end of the season; 


Please be reminded that all clubs ensure their teams are playing in the same uniform, the colour of home and away jerseys have to be different in colours which can be clearly distinguishable.

Please follow the Competition bye-laws 9.1-9.5 as reference in below:

9.1.     Teams shall play in the shirt, shorts and sock colours stated on their HKHAMS application form.  The Committee shall advise all Conveners of these colours before the start of the HKHA Men’s League Season. In the event of a clash of colours, the second-named team on the match card, being the away team, shall change their shirts, shorts and/or socks. Away teams may be allowed to wear bibs over their numbered shirts if they do not have alternative numbered uniforms. Teams should note that a clash of sock colours might occur even though there is no clash of shirt colours. Similarly, the second-named team shall change (socks only, if preferred). The use of white socks is not permitted in the Premier Division.

9.2.     No team may use yellow as an official colour for its shirts.  This colour is reserved for the exclusive use of the HKHA Umpires Section.

9.3.     The HKHA logo is the official designation for the uniform of registered players and officials of the HKHA selected to represent the HKHA or Hong Kong at representative hockey matches. Clubs affiliated to the HKHA shall ensure that their members do not display the HKHA logo on any item whatsoever unless with the expressed permission of the HKHA Council. The HKHA Council will view any breach of this Bye-law as a most serious matter.

9.4.     A player may not participate in any League, Cup or Tournament match organized by the HKHAMS unless he is:

(a)       wearing a numbered shirt. The number shall conform to his Player Registration number and shall be clearly printed or sewn on the fabric itself at the back of the shirt, visible from a reasonable distance. The use of safety pins to affix a number to a player's shirt is not permitted.
(b)       wearing shin guards, properly tucked inside his socks; and
(c)       wearing suitable footwear (football boots with studs for grass pitch shall not be worn on artificial-turf pitches).

Note: Any additional items of clothing worn by a player during a match must be the same colour as the adjoining piece of clothing.

9.5     Team Captains must wear a distinctive arm-band or similar distinguishing article on an upper arm, shoulder or lower leg.

Please be noted that if players are failed to wear proper uniform, fine of $100 per player per match will be issue.

Should there be any queries, please feel free to contact us at 2782 4932.

Thank you.

Jacky Chow
Hon. Secretary