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HKHAMS 22-23 Circular No. 25 - Walked off match in Premier league

Dear all,

A team in the Premier League walked off during a match on 12 February 2023.  This is to remind all clubs that the MS Committee do not tolerate any walk-off, misconduct or misbehaviour, any event bringing the game of hockey into disrepute will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee.

According to the HKHAMS Competition Bye-laws 11.2,  “A team which gives two (2) walkovers during the HKHA League (or a team in the Premier Division which gives one (1) walkover during the HKHA League) or one (1) walkover during the Knockout Tournaments may be required to withdraw from the HKHA League and/or the Knockout Tournaments by the Committee. ”

Thanks for your kind attention.


Jacky CHOW
Hon. Secretary