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HKHAMS 23-24 Circular No. 3 - Revised Competition and Experimental Bye-laws on U21 players

HKHAMS Competition Bye-Laws 2023

Dear Club Convenors,

Revised Competition Bye-laws

Please note the competition bye-laws has been revised and the changes are highlighted as follows:

  1. Section 6.1 – The requirements on visiting player

  2. Section 9 – The requirements on team uniform.
    Clubs are required to submit their team uniform designs for the Committee’s approval.

  3. New Section 11.1 – Method of determining the league champion
    Where two or more teams competing for the league champion have an equal number of points, the league champion will be determined according to the criteria specified in the new provision.

  4. Section 21 – Second Schedule
    The penalties for subsection (6) walk-off / refusal to play and subsection (7) walkover have been revised.

For details of the changes, please refer to the updated bye-laws (as attached).

Experimental Bye-laws on Player Movement of U21 Players

The MS has considered the challenges faced by clubs in recent years, in particular with the departures from Hong Kong and the reduction of school and youth hockey activities due to Covid-19 restrictions. An experimental youth player movement bye-laws was introduced in last season. After our review, we introduce the following experimental bye-law to help and support the development of our younger players.

The experimental bye-law:

"U21 players (players who are born on or after 1st January 2002) are allowed to play for more than one team on a match day with the following conditions:

(a) he has to play for his designated team on the match day;

(b) he can only play for the next higher-ranked team of his designated team for his second match on the match day; and

(c) each team can only play a maximum number of THREE U21 players who are playing their second match on the match day, he is one of the three players selected by the team and specified on the match card.

Such eligible movement will not be bounded by Competition bye-law 7.2 (b) (the 3 matches rule) and 7.4 (No player movement to Premier teams during first 3 matches)."


1) A U21 player is registered for a C team, the B team and the C team both have a match on the day. He plays for C team on the match day. He can play his second match for the B team, provided that he is specified on the match card as one of the three U21 players allowed for playing their second match on the day.

2) A U21 player is register for a C team, the B team has a match on the day but the C team has no match. If he plays for B team, the player movement rules will apply.

3) A U21 player is registered for a C team, the A team and the C team both have a match on the day. He plays for C team on the match day. He cannot play his second match for the A team, because he can only play his second game for the next higher ranked team, i.e. the B team.

To better protect our youth players, all U21 players are required to wear full protective equipment during all leagues matches. Full protective equipment include:

1. Mouth guard

2. Protective glove

3. Shin guards

Thank you.
Jacky Chow
Hon. Secretary