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HockeyHK 23-24 Circular no. 2 - Rules of Hockey

To:  Convenor of Affiliated Club (Men’s and Women’s)
       All Registered Umpires
       All Coaches
       All Section Committee Members

Dear club convenors, umpires and coaches,

The FIH Rules of Hockey 9.7 states that 

9.7 Players may stop, receive and deflect or play the ball in a controlled manner in any part of the field when the ball is at any height including above the shoulder unless this is dangerous or leads to danger.  

The HockeyHK Council has reviewed playing records of local competitions and considered appropriate that the current restriction on playing the ball below shoulder, imposed on competitions in Division 2 and lower, shall be lifted with effect from the start of the league season in September 2023.

As a reminder, player safety is everyone's responsibility. 


Ernest LI
Hon. Secretary General