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HockeyHK 23-24 Circular no.7 - Failure to Comply with the LCSD Pitch Usage Requirement - "No Show"

To:  Convenors of All Member Clubs of HockeyHK

C.c.: HockeyHK Council Members
         HockeyHK Sections’ Committee Members

Dear Convenors,

It has come to our attention that there are recently numerous instances of "No Show" cases concerning pitch bookings by member clubs, as reported by the LCSD. We cannot emphasize enough the seriousness of this matter as violation of LCSD pitch usage requirements would result in a penalty of a 6-month suspension of advanced booking privileges for all pitches imposed on HockeyHK and its clubs. In addition, LCSD also has the right to cancel paid bookings with no refund for no show cases and other infringements.

Given the rising trend of such violation cases, we regret to announce that with effective immediate, any occurrence of "No Show" or failure to comply with any LCSD pitch usage requirements, such as neglecting to sign for pitch usage, will result in an immediate suspension of all future pitch bookings for the offending club for a period of 3 months. Should a second contravention occur within 6 months from the first instance, a more severe penalty of a 6-month suspension will be imposed. Any further violations will be liable for additional sanctions, including but not limited to exclusion from winter league participation or removal from the list of Community Sports Clubs. In any cases, HockeyHK reserves the right to cancel all the paid bookings without refund to the offending club

We strongly urge all clubs to observe the LCSD pitch booking requirements. In the event that a club anticipates being unable to utilize a booked pitch, it is club's obligation to timely communication with HockeyHK. Clubs must provide a 3 weeks' notice for cancellation via email. Only in the exceptional case, a 3 working days’ notice before the booking may be accepted by telephone followed by email. Additionally, for cancellations outside of office hours, clubs must notify the ground office of the designated venue before the scheduled booking slot.

Clubs are collectively accountable and responsible to safeguard the booking privileges of LCSD pitches that are enjoyed by our community. HockeyHK will strictly enforce the "No Show" policy.

Thank you for your attention to the above.


Tony Cheung
Grounds Sub-Committee
Hockey Hong Kong, China