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HKHAWS 14-15 Circular No.13 - Submission of no-play date for 2nd Round

To: Convenor of Affiliated Clubs (Women’s)

Cc: HKHAWS Committee members


Dear Convenor,


Please advise your no-play dates (from January 2015 to May 2015) for each team within your club, by 17:00, 17th November 2014 (Mon).


You don’t need to request a no play date unless you want to, but remember that requests for fixtures changes require a fee and may not be approved.  You may request a “no-play date” for one Saturday and one mid-week league game per team per round.  We shall do our best not to schedule a match for you on this date, however due to pitch availability constraints this cannot always be guaranteed.


Thanks and regards,


Kathy CHAN

Grounds & Fixtures Secretary

HKHA - Women's Section