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HKHAWS 14-15 Circular No.14 - New player declaration

To: Convenor of Affiliated Clubs (Women’s)

Cc: HKHAWS Committee members


Dear Convenor,

We would like to inform you of the effect of Bye-Law 6.3, which was introduced this year by the request of the FIH. It states that:

6.3 New Players that have not registered previously with the HKHAWS must provide a signed declaration which states that they are not currently serving any suspensions or under disciplinary action.

Any new players that have been registered since the beginning of the season do not have to sign a declaration.  However, if they are subject to any disciplinary action, they must inform us within 14 days from the date of this email.  If they do not let us know and it is discovered that they have been under such action, the committee will issue the player/team with an appropriate penalty.

In addition the new player registration form will be amended shortly to include this declaration.


Thanks and regards,


Rhona BARR

Honorary Secretary

HKHA – Women’s Section