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HKHAWS 14-15 Circular No. 25 - Hockey 5 rules

Dear All Convenor,


In next coming few weeks each division will held a one day tournament call Hockey 5, which mean the game play 5 vs 5 in small area.


Hockey 5 rules mostly same as normal 11 aside hockey rule except following few things:-


1.  Can shot on goal anywhere in the pitch


2.  No Penalty Corner 


3.  Challenges = Penalty Stroke in 11 aside hockey - it is a major decision for a major foul. (1 vs 1 goalkeeper start at 11 metres line)


4.  Free Hits - All Players must be at least 4 metres from the ball

                     - Attacking free hits awarded within the 11 metres of the back 

                       line are taken outside the 11 metres area at the nearest point 

                       to the offence

                     - Defensive free hits awarded within 11 metres area can be 

                       taken from anywhere inside the 11 metres area

                     - At a Self Pass the ball must travel at least 4 metres from the 

                       point of the free hit before the taker can shoot at goal 

                     - Alternatively the ball must be touched, deflected, hit or 

                       pushed by any other player before a shot at goal can be 




We will be using NEW Hockey 5 Rules 


1. At a Challenge, an intentional offence by a goalkeeper will result in the award of Penalty Stroke


2. A green card is introduced and results in a temporary suspension of 1 minute - suspended player may return to the pitch immediately the opposing team score a goal. 


3. At all re-starts, the ball may not be shot at or played directly toward the goal until it has travelled at least 4 metres or been touched by a player of either team, other the player taking the free hit, centre pass or putting the ball back into play


4. New Passivity rule to prevent delays in play and to encourage attacking play. Passivity is defined as either below:


- Keeping the ball in a team's possession without making any recognisable attempt to attack or to shoot at goal

- Time-wasting at re-starts 


Wish you guys enjoy the tournament!


Best regards,


Kitty YAU

Umpires Secretary

HKHA - Women's Section