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HKHAMS 15-16 Circular No. 2 - AGM Follow up and supplementary information

Attachment: MS_Minutes of 2013-2014 AGM
                    Proposed amendment of MS General Byelaws
                    HKHAMS General Bye-laws_2015_June
                    MS AGM_2015_supplementary information

Dear Convenors,

Following up on the AGM held last Thursday, the following documents are attached for your information and reference, please:

a) the approved 2013-14 minutes with the final amendments incorporated; 

b) the approved amendment of the MS General bye-laws; and

c) supplementary information circulated for discussion at the meeting (summary of results of the survey on league format included)

During the AGM, you were made aware that the MS would make the final decision on the league format.  Clubs wish to make further suggestions or express their views on the matter, are hereby invited to submit their suggestions or views to the MS on or before July 10.

Your kind attention to the matters are highly appreciated.


Tony Ng
Hon Secretary