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HKHAMS 15-16 Circular No. 6 - Premier Division Team Meeting on 13 August 2015

Dear Convenors,

This is to announce that the Premier Division Team Meeting for 2015-16 season is to be held at 7:00 pm on 13 August 2015, at the Conference Room, Kings Park Hockey Ground.

The meeting will discuss the latest refinement of the MS competition bye-laws and the new FIH rules that may affect the matches of Premier Division.  For example, the play-point system, new penalties to protect umpires from abusive behaviour and the new rules on visiting players..

Please ensure that the meeting will be attended not only by the representatives from your club, but also the team captain(s) and/or vice-captain(s) of your Premier Division team(s).

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Aug 13.


Tony NG
Hon. Secretary


6.     VISITING PLAYERS (Draft Rule)

6.1   For any one season, each league team is allowed to register a maximum of three (3) players who are NOT in possession of a valid Hong Kong Identity Card or a Recognizance (Form No.8) issued by the Hong  Kong Immigration Department. These players are referred to as “visiting players”.  Clubs request registration of a “visiting player” must undertake that the visiting player will play a minimum of five (5) matches in a season for the team he is registered with.  In the event that the player fails to comply with this requirement, all matches that the player had played will be forfeited, unless he can provide a medical report or certificate issued by a medical practitioner registered with the Hong Kong Medical Council, certifying that he was injured and unfit to play the match(es) in question.

6.2   If any team forfeits games retrospectively under Rule 6.1, such team would be   deemed to have forfeited every game it has played during the season.

6.3   For the registration of visiting players for teams in Premier Division, the players have to provide a true copy (to be certified by the club responsible for the players’ registration) of No Objection Certificate issued by the national hockey associations of their countries of nationality to allow their participation in hockey  matches sanctioned by the HKHA in Hong Kong.  The No Objection Certificate must be valid for a period of time that is sufficient enough to enable the player concerned to fulfil the five-match commitment.

6.4   A “visiting player” shall only play for the team he is registered for within the club.  In other words, the “visiting player” cannot move among teams within the same club.

6.5   “Visiting players” are NOT eligible to play in the last three leagues matches of   their registered teams, nor in any Cup or Tournament matches.  However, these       restrictions shall be lifted once the visiting player has played a minimum of five     (5) matches for his registered team and the Club concerned is responsible to inform the Committee prior to the visiting player taking part in Cup or Tournament matches.  No registration of “visiting players” shall be permitted between the 1st March and the end of the HKHA Men’s League Season.

6.6   Clubs or teams who have registered visiting players bear full responsibility for the conduct of these registered visiting players.  The visiting player’s Club shall pay any fines levied as a result of any misconduct of a visiting player.