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HKHAWS 15-16 Circular No. 18 - Penalty point system

Dear Convenor,


We have updated the penalty point system as laid out in Schedule 3. The below will now be in place. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Kind regards,

Rhona Barr


HKHA – Womens’ Section



Yellow Card Penalty Points


A player receiving a yellow card shall also receive penalty points as follows:

Y1   Dissent (continued contesting of umpires' decisions) – Two (2) points;

Y2   Dangerous Play (Continued or violent stick tackles, violent obstruction, continued and deliberate lifting of the ball) – Three (3) points;

Y3   Verbal Abuse of Umpire (use of foul language against the umpire(s) or continued and aggressive contesting of decisions of the umpire(s)) – Three (3) points;

Y4   Verbal Abuse of Player (use of foul language or continued and aggressive behaviour against another player(s)) – Two (2) points;

Y5   Threatened Assault on Umpire (Physical confrontation of the umpire by a player) – Four (4) points;

Y6   Threatened Assault on Player (Physical confrontation of a player by another player) – Three (3) points;

Y7   Others, state offence (Non-violent nature) – One (1) point



5 points accumulated in one season – suspension for 1 match

10 points accumulated in one season –suspension for 2 matches

15 points accumulated in one season– suspension for 3 matches and referral to DC.

Upon accumulation of 5 points, the subject player will be immediately suspended for 1 match (league or cup). If the accumulated points exceed 5 points (e.g. to 6 or 7 points) then once the player has completed his suspension, the player starts a new accumulation of points from 5 to 10. The additional points above 5 (i.e. 1 or 2 depending on the total accumulated) shall begin to count towards the next “level” total of 10 points starting from 5.


Example: A player, who has accumulated 3 points, receives a yellow card with a code Y2 offence (3 points). The player now has accumulated 6 points. The player automatically is suspended for 1 match. Following the suspension, he begins to accumulate points in a new series of 5 up to 10, starting at 6 points. Should the player accumulate a further 4 points, he will be suspended for another two matches.

Suspensions under the yellow card penalty points system shall be served upon the notification by the HKHAMS. Points left over from one season will not be carried over to the following season. However, suspensions received in the latter weeks of the season will carry forward to the following season if there are insufficient matches left to serve the suspension.


Depending on seriousness of each reported case of yellow card, the Committee may:

(a) take no further action, or

(b) issue a letter of warning, or

(c) interview and warn the player in person at a meeting; or

(d) refer the case to the DC should the offence bring the game of hockey into disrepute.


Red Card Penalty System

A player awarded with a red card shall leave the field of play immediately (staying at the team bench is not permitted) and receive automatic suspension as follows:

R1   Repeated Dissent – suspension for 2 matches

R2   Second offense of dangerous play or very dangerous play – suspension for 3 matches                                                                                                          

R3   Repeated verbal abuse or foul abuse of umpire – suspension for 4 matches

R4   Repeated verbal abuse or foul abuse of another player – suspension for 2 matches

R5   Repeated threatened assault or physical assault of umpire – suspension for 5 matches

R6   Repeated threatened assault or physical assault of another player – suspension for 4 matches

R7   Others, state offence (non-violent nature, repeated offence of Y7) – suspension for 2 matches