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HKHAWS 15-16 Circular No. 25 - Winter League next season

To: Convenor of Affiliated Club (Women’s)

Cc: HKHAWS Committee


Dear Convenor,


The Women's Section Committee has been discussing the structure of the league next season.  As most of you know already, we will be without both Happy Valley pitches for most of the season.  As a result, it is very likely that we will only have time to complete one or one and a half rounds.  There will of course be a comparative reduction in entry fees for the league.


Due to the lack of pitches we will not be able to take on any new teams next season and unfortunately will not be able to entertain no play dates other than public holidays.  We are under scrutiny from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and will need to maximise all slots we get allocated. This scrutiny extends to pitches not used and when teams give walkovers, it has a knock on effect with hockey's overall image and bargaining power with the government.  So if you are a team who struggles each week for numbers, please carefully consider whether you have enough players to enter the league.


When making our decisions, it would be helpful if your club could answer the following questions by the end of next week:


1. How many teams will your club enter into the league next season?

2. Would teams prefer to play 1 or 1 1/2 rounds over the normal 8-9 months or play every week for 3-4 months plus tournaments/cups?


If you have any other questions or feedback or are interested in joining the committee next season, please let me know,


Kind regards,


Rhona Barr


HKHA – Women’s Section