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HKHAMS 15-16 Circular No. 40 - Proposed changes for 2016-17 ML, Cup formats and related matter

Dear Convenors,

The purpose of this circular is to is to share with you the proposed changes for 2016-17 Men’s League that MS Committee would like to implement.

League and Cup Formats and related matters

(a)       League Format.  Given that the LCSD has decided to re-turf the hockey pitches in Happy Valley Sports Ground (HV1 and HV2) in 2016, both pitches would not be available for most, if not all, hockey matches in the 2016/17 Season.  In view of this, the MS Committee discussed and approved the league structure, format and related matters for season 2016/17 at the meeting being held on 20 April 2016.  Salient changes are as follows: 

(i) Due to the pitch-time constraint, it is unlikely that new teams will be accepted to join the Men’s League in 2016-17.  At the same time, MS might need to make some exceptional arrangements to try to maintain a 12-team structure in all divisions as far as possible;

(ii) The number of teams and the detailed arrangements for matches of the Veterans Division are to be confirmed.  A separate circular will be issued by the Veterans Section to the clubs/teams concerned in due course;

(iii) All teams (except teams in Veterans Division) will play round-the-robin for the first round (i.e. each team to play 11 matches if the have 12 teams in their respective division).  Based on the final standing at the end of the first round, teams would then be divided into two groups.  Top 6 teams in Group A (fight for the championship) and the rest in Group B (fighting for relegation).  Each group will then play a round-the-robin with points and goal records carried from the first round.  The total number of games to be played by each team is 16 or lower if there is less than 12 teams in the respective division;

(iv) The 2016/17 Season is like to start earlier from early September 2016 and complete by late May 2017;

(v) All teams except Premier League teams will have to play matches on weekdays and public holidays; and

(vi) Guru Nanak Tournament may not be organized in 2016/17 subject to further discussion with the Sikh Temple as Hong Kong is going to host the Men’s AHF Cup in November;

(b)  Cup format:

(i) Holland Cup: after first round of the Premier League, teams in Group A will enter the Holland Cup directly. Top 2 teams in the Group B based on the results of the second round matches will also enter the Holland Cup.  These eight teams will play knock-out matches;

(ii) HKHA Cup: teams in D1 and D2 will be divided into 2 groups each for the HKHA Cup Tournament by drawing at the coming Conveners' Meeting.  The results of the second round will be used to decide the final standing of each group.  Only the top 2 teams in each of the 4 groups will enter the knock-out stage of the HKHA cup tournament.  Top 2 teams of Group A in Division 1 will play against the top 2 teams of Group A in Division 2; and top 2 teams of Group B in Division 1 will play against the top 2 teams of Group B in Division 2.  The higher ranked team in each group will play against the lowered ranked teams in the other group;

(iii) HKHA Plate: similar format as that of HKHA Cup will be adopted;

(iv) HKHA Bowl: If there are also 12 teams each in D5 and D6, a similar format as that of HKHA Cup will be adopted.  Otherwise, teams in D5 and D6 will be divided into 2 groups by drawing at the coming Conveners' meeting.  The results of the second round will be used to decide the final standing of each group. Top 3 teams in Group A and B of D-5 and top ranked teams of Group A and B in D-6 will enter the knock-stage (last 8).  At the quarter finals, the top ranked team of Group A and Group B in D-5 will play against the top ranked team of Group A and Group B in D-6 respectively. The second ranked team of Group A in D5 will play against the third ranked team of Group B in D5, and vice versa; and

(v) Except for Holland Cup, there will be no seeded team in cup tournament.

(c)  No-match day request.  Even we try to reduce the number of league matches temporarily with the abovementioned league and cup formats, we will not much room to accommodate requests for match rescheduling. As such, for the 2016/17 Season:

       (i)    Only ONE no-match day request will be accepted for each team.  Further request(s) will be considered on a best effort basis only.  All no-match day request must be submitted to the HKHA Office on or before July 28.  Request made after July 28 might not be accepted or entertained;

       (ii)   Request for rescheduling of matches due to players shortage will only be considered under very special circumstances on a case-by-case basis.  An example of special situations is that if significant number of players are public officers who are required to perform urgent public duties;

       (iii) All postponed matches caused by weather or pitch problems will be rescheduled.


Player identity

Only players with valid Hong Kong Identity Cards (for registration as local players) or valid passports (for registration as visiting players) will be registered. 


Changes to be made to the Competition Bye-laws

The competition bye-laws are being reviewed.  Among other things, the following changes will be made:

(a) players with goal-keeping privilege cannot stand at the goal to defend penalty stroke without wearing the helmet;

(b) players suffering injuries who required assistance outside the field will be put on a 2-min injury suspension in line with the FIH rules.

(c) removal of extra-time play in case of draw at Cup matches. The match will go straight into penalty shootout competition; and

(d) other minor changes to stamp out typos.



Tony NG
Hon Secretary