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HKHAWS 16-17 Circular No. 8 - Revised player photo criteria

To: Convenor of affiliated clubs (Women’s)

Dear Convenors,
We noticed that some clubs have difficulties preparing player photos with white background.  In view of this, we will remove this requirement from player photo guideline.   Here is the revised guideline with further explanation:
Photo criteria
1.    Vertical photo with Length & Width ratio: 5:4
       Please do NOT upload square photo or excessively long/wide photo as they lead to collapse of team sheet layout.  Only vertical photo will be accepted.
2.    In colour with player’s head and face clearly shown
       Snapshot cut from passport/ID card are usually in single colour or has pattern covering player’s face and are not accepted.  Player’s head must be clearly distinguishable from background.
3.    In JPEG format with resolution of 300dpi or above 
       Player’s facial features must be shown clearly.  Blurred facial features are not accepted.
4.    File size should not exceed 250KB
       Large file will put pressure on the server and is not recommended.  Clubs may consider using free online bulk compress service such as
We hope this has make things clear.  Thank you for your attention and cooperation.