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HKHAMS 16-17 Circular No. 11 - Summary of Men's Conveners' Meeting on Aug 23

Attachment: Electronic Match Card Guidelines
                    Holland Cup 16-17 (23Aug2016Drawn)
                    HKHA Cup 16-17 (23Aug2016Drawn)
                    HKHA Plate 16-17 (23Aug2016Drawn)
                    HKHA Bowl 16-17 (23Aug2016Drawn) 

Dear Club Conveners,

Thanks for the 23 clubs that had representatives attending the Conveners' meeting on Aug 23.

Please find below the summary of the discussion for your reference.

1. League fixtures till the end of December had been sent to all clubs. Due to the closure of the HV1 and HV2 for renovation works, teams in D1 to D5 usually will play once every two weeks during the first round. We expect the pitch shortage will be gradually relieved when the HV1 will be re-opened in January according to the current estimates.

2 HKFC proposed to the Men's Section to increase the number of matches for Premier teams from 13 to 17 by adding an additional round of matches at the group stage, which is the same format like last year. In view of the relatively small number of additional matches (20) that will be added to the fixtures only after January when HV1 is likely to be available, the MS committee agreed to the proposed change in league format at the meeting on Sep 1.

3. Drawing results for the Holland Cup and HKHA Cup/Plate/Bowl are attached for your reference. 

4. Electronic match card will be introduced in the new season. It will be rolled out at the Men's Premier Division in September, followed by the other divisions in October provided the implementation at Premier matches is smooth.The user guidelines (see attached) has been presented at the meeting.

This electronic match card will be a win-win initiative for both the teams and the HKHA office. It will significantly lessen the administrative burden in match card data input which is essential to: 1) update the match results and players' disciplinary records and; 2) speed up the issuance of fines and umpire fees. It will save the numerous incidents of late submission or lost of match cards.

We need strong collaboration from every team to make this successful.  A few key reminders:

1. All team captains/representatives MUST send their names, teams, id card numbers, and email addresses to the HKHA office for creation of the logins to access the electronic match card. Your teams will not be able to use the electronic match card if they do not provide these information.

2. All team captains should complete the input of the players' information in the electronic match card at least 15 minutes before the matches start. They have to submit the match card before the start of the match. Any change of player information on the match card is NOT ALLOWED after the submission. In view of the tight fixture arrangement, we cannot allow any delayed start of the match.

3. Both team captains have to confirm the information on the electronic match cards after the input by both umpires before the final submission of the match card by the second umpire (see the guidelines). All information on the match card will be FINAL upon the submission.

4. Information on umpires in the match card can be left blank if the umpires arrive late or do not show up.

Thanks for your support and understanding.


Tony Ng
Hon. Secretary