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HKHAWS 16-17 Circular No. 10 - Notes from Convenors' Meeting

To: Convenor of Affiliated Clubs (Women’s)
Cc: HKHAWS Committee

Dear Convenor,

Apologies for not sending the soft copy of the captains notes to you sooner. We've made a few amendments in relation to the umpiring section given the feedback we've had already. We are trying to be flexible when it comes to the implementation of new rules that we are trialling and as you'll have seen some clubs have been granted exemptions in relation to Premier and 1st Division teams requirement to have a female umpire fulfilling their umpiring duties. We have also added clarification of the one person questioning the umpire rule that Kitty raised at the convenors meeting.

The Kit Colour chart is also attached for reference. Please be sure to advise your Captains that they should ensure that their players wear the correct colours for shirt, socks and skirt as fines are already being issued for breaches of this.

The Fines Schedules are being updated to bring them in line with the Men's Section and a soft copy shall be emailed to you later this week.

Please let me know if you have questions,

Kind regards,
Rhona Barr
HKHA – Women’s Section


2016-17 Notes for Captains

2016-17 Notes for Convenors

2016-17 Kit Colour Chart