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(Additional notes) HKHAWS 16-17 Circular No. 6 - Captains logon for E-match card

Dear Convenor,

Here are some additional notes regarding E-match card system for your captains:

  1. Log on to system as early as possible to check if next match card is in there. (Sometimes captains or umpires of previous match may have failed to submit match card causing this issue.) Report to HKHA at your earliest convenience if you cannot find the match card.
  2. Enter player list and “save”. You can save as many times as you want.
  3. Home team captain to enter umpire numbers (umpire names should show up after numbers are entered).
  4. “Submit” player list at the pitch right before match starts. After clicking “Submit”, no changes can be made. But in case you notice any errors, please input in the “Remarks” box.
  5. At the end of the match, team captains should go to umpires who will log in and enter scores. Please watch over this action to ensure they are entering the correct results. Home team captain to oversee both umpires “Submit” match card before leaving the pitch.
  6. After umpires “Submit” match cards, captains to enter scorer details and any other remarks and then “Submit” match card.

Guidelines for E-match card system can also be downloaded from HKHAWS website Resources page:

Please kindly circulate above information to your captains. 

Thanks and regards,

HKHAWS Committee