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HKHAWS 16-17 Circular No. 13 - Guidelines on game timings

To: Convenor of Affiliated Clubs (Women’s)
Cc: HKHAWS Committee

Dear Convenor,

There have been questions recently about games running late and which game should be cut short, or unfortunately in one case postponed. In reply to these questions we've set out the following expectations. Some of this are part of the guidelines we give out at the beginning of the season but the last point is new, so please take the time to share with the captains.

  1. According to the bye-laws a result stands if the first half has been completed i.e. 35 minutes is played.
  2. If your allocated pitch slot is cut short the team captains and umpires can agree to play for a shorter period of time. Ultimately it is the umpires decision whether to cut the game time short and should, wherever possible, be 2 equal halves.
  3. All players must leave the pitch at the end of their allocated time. For example, if your slot starts at 3:30, you must vacate the pitch before 5:00. Warm up time must be included in that 90 slot (or 120 minutes depending on your time slot) unless the pitch is vacant. 

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Kind regards,

Rhona Barr
HKHA – Women’s Section