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HKHAWS 16-17 Circular No. 15 - Finalized fixtures for 2nd half season

To: Convenor of Affiliated Clubs (Women’s)
Cc: HKHAWS Committee

Dear Convenors,
Further to the circular no. 14 dated 9 December 2016, please find attached finalised fixtures for January - April 2017.  However please note that if either of the pitches at Happy Valley become available to the HKHAWS before the end of the season, a number of games may be rescheduled to enable use of such pitch(es) and such changes will be notified to clubs as early as possible. 

Divisions 2 & 5: The fixtures for the additional half rounds for divisions 2 and 5 (and related umpiring duties) will be notified to clubs as early as possible once placings are finalised though teams in these divisions should note that dates and times for these matches are already provided for in the attached.
Knock-out tournaments: The provisional dates for the knock-out tournaments and five aside tournaments have been retained and confirmation/any amendments to such dates will be notified to clubs as early as possible.  By way of reminder please note the knockout tournaments are comprised of the following teams.


Maximum no. of teams


Holland Cup

8 teams

Premier A & B

KO Cup

8 teams

1 & 2

KO Plate

8 teams

2 & 3

KO Bowl

8 teams

3 & 4

KO Saucer

remaining teams

4 & 5

Thank you for your attention. 

Kind regards,

Grounds & Fixtures Secretary
HKHA - Women's Section


Women's League 16-17 (2nd half fixtures)