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HKHAMS 17-18 Circular No. 11 - Reminder on E-match Card

Dear Conveners/Team Captains/Umpires,


Over the past two weeks, Men's Section noted many delayed submission of the E-match card by umpires and team captains that HKHA office has to spend a lot of resources to follow up with these “incomplete” match cards. This has defeated the objectives of introducing the E-match card to improve the efficiency of the league operation.  

The most common errors are:


  1. Some home team captains did not input the umpire information when they submit the player list before the start of match. As a result, the umpires cannot access and complete the E match card. 


  1. A number of stand-in team captains could not login their team page to input the E-match card as the usual team captains, who were absent for the match, did not share the login information with their teammates despite the repeated reminders from MS.


  1. A number of umpires allowed the match to start without checking whether they have the access to the subject match cards and check the correctness of the match card information.


  1. Many umpires left the pitch without submitting the match cards that had hindered the team captains from completing the submission of match card after inputting the scorers. 


  1. Many captains did not SUMBMIT the match card within the match day as per requirement by MS. 


To ensure the smooth operation of the E-match card, MS would like to remind the team captains and umpires to have strict adherence to the following rules:


  1. Team captains have to submit the player lists and umpire information (home team captains only) BEFORE the start of the match. They should seek the assistance of the Match Card Support team (see the names and phone numbers below) if they encountered problem with their login or inputting the match card information.  


  1. Umpires are not allowed to start the match UNTIL BOTH UMPIRES can login their umpire pages to check the E match card. They should seek the assistance from the Match Card Support Team if they cannot see the E-match card on their umpire page before the start of the match. 


In case the problems with the E-match card persist, the umpires MUST seek the approval of the Match Card Support team before they can proceed to start the match with written records of the match card information in place. Any delay in the start of the match arising from the late submission or incorrect input of match card information should be noted by the umpires at the Umpires's remarks box.


Umpires have to shorten the match time in case of significant delay to avoid late starting of the next match. 



  1. BOTH UMPIRES must input the information regarding penalty cards, if any, and the scores (Umpire 1 only) after the completion of the match and SUBMIT the match card before they left the pitch.  



To ensure compliance with these rules, MS is considering to issues fines to clubs whose team captains fail to input correct play list/ umpire information and submit the player lists before the start of the match. MS will also issue fines to the clubs whose umpires fail to comply with the rules of the submission of E-match card.


Contact details of the E-match Card Support team:


Lewis Man  6792 8751

Billy Dillon   9105 1476


We count on your full support to ensure a smooth operation of the E-match card. Thanks.



Richard Mak
Hon. Secretary