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HKHAMS 18-19 Circular No. 25 - The use of video tapes of hockey matches

Dear Convenors,


The setting up of the system to enable clubs to access and download Premier League match videos has completed.  The purpose of this circular is to set out the related rules on the use of the videos, as follows:


(a) the videos cannot be used for making appeal against umpire decision;


(b) for clubs that wish to have access to the videos, the convenors concerned should return an email to the HKHA Office, stating that he and his club understand, agree and accept the rules set out in this circular.  A link for accessing the videos will then be sent to the convenors concerned within the next 14 days;


(c) all clubs that have been given the access right to the video database should take reasonable steps to ensure the videos in their possession are being properly controlled and used for hockey-related business only within the club.  Under no circumstance that the videos should be used otherwise, or shared with anyone who is not a member of the club, including and not limiting to posting onto social media;


(d) where there is non-compliance of the above rules, the HKHAMS Committee will have an absolute discretion to terminate the video access right of the club involved for a period of not less than 3 months.  The club and the convenor involved may also be referred to the DC under the General Bye-laws for bringing the game of hockey into disrepute.


Thank you for your attention and co-operation.




Tony NG

Hon. Secretary