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HKHAMS 18-19 Circular No. 28 - Decision rules for league championship

Dear Conveners,


The HKHAMS Committee has received a number of enquiries regarding the decision rules for the men’s league championship when more than one teams top the division with equal number of points.


According to the MS Competition Byelaws 10.8:


"Where two or more teams have an equal number of points, they will be ranked according to the following criteria (in order):

- Matches won

- Goal difference

- Goals for

- Results between equal teams in the division


In case there are two or more teams having the same ranking position after the application of the abovementioned criteria and they are competing for promotion or relegations, the HKHAMS Committee may consider organising playoff match(es) to decide the final ranking positions for promotion or relegation. If there is no promotion or relegation involved, no playoff match will be played, and the teams involved will be ranked the same position."


The 4 criteria (Matches won, Goal difference, Goals for, Results between equal teams) are applicable to the decision of league championship. To the avoidance of doubt, if two or more teams top the league with equal number of league points, MS Committee will apply the "4 criteria" to decide the champion instead of conducting playoff.


However, if there are two or more teams are still in tie after the application of the criteria above, the MS committee will consider playoff match(es) between the teams to decide the championship.




Tony NG

Hon. Secretary, HKHAMS