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HKHAUS 18-19 Circular No. 7 - Reminder to All Umpires

To:    All Umpires


cc:     Convenors of Affiliated Club’s (Men’s, Women’s and Youth)

          HKHA Council Members

          HKHA Section Committee Members


Dear All,

Here are some reminders to our umpires.


  1. Umpires must equip themselves with correct EQUIPMENTS, including Stop watch (NOT mobile phone), Fox40 Whistle, cards, pen and paper, official umpire shirt, dark pants/shorts/skirts, trainers.


  1. Umpires MUST NOT use their mobile phone during the game (including the use of Bluetooth headset / ear piece that is connected to the mobile phone or any other audio devices). Such act will result in an automatic and minimum suspension of 2 months. We will ask team captains to monitor this for the Umpires Section and it is important to remember that if umpires want to be respected, we must first respect the players and ensure we are doing our best for each game.


  1. As reminded in our refresher courses, if BODY CONTACT is made between players from the opposite team due to the act of sliding, a 10-minute YELLOW card MUST be issued. So far there are still some umpires (especially in the lower divisional games) not giving a yellow card for collision due to sliding. This is a very clear cut issue which umpires must follow our instruction in order to protect our players.


  1. Umpires MUST arrive on the pitch at least 10 minutes before their appointment and always have a pre-match talk with your umpiring partner for the game.


  1. Umpires MUST check players’ identity before the game. Team captains have the right to request personal ID from umpires so we should always carry a mean of identity and be willing to show to captains if asked.


  1. Umpires MUST NOT start the match until they can login their umpire page to check the respective match card.  They will not find the match card until both team captains submitted their player lists. In case of any delay start of the match due to late submission of player lists, umpires should shorten the match time to ensure the next match can start on time.  Both umpires have to input the penalty cards, if any, and scores (Umpire 1 only) after the completion of the match and submit the match card. This is equivalent to signing of the paper match card by the umpires in the past. If you have problems logging in, please contact the HKHA office for assistance.


  1. Reminder on Two-Minute Green Card


  1. Reminder on “One Person” Rule



Marco Yeung

Hon. Secretary

HKHA – Umpires Section