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HKHAMS 18-19 Circular No. 31 - Violation of player movement rules by multiple clubs

Dear Convenors,


The Men's Section Committee recently reviewed all match card records from this season and found a number of breaches of the player movement rules (with the aid of e-match card system and IT enhancement). The Committee unanimously agreed to impose penalties according to the bye-laws in regards to the match results and we urge all convenors to check the league tables at your earliest convenience to ensure the impact of the resulting changes in known to all in advance of this weekend's matches.


Given the nature of violations that may not be totally intentional, the committee agreed that, due to the unprecedented situation and based on the MS Competition Byelaws 19, match suspensions related to the contraventions would be waived for the players involved to avoid major disruption of the remaining league matches. However each of the listed captains of all involved teams will be suspended for 1 match. Further, the Committee also agreed to waive the fines on this occasion. These decisions were based on the unique circumstances and do not set a precedent for any decision the Committee may make in future cases.


The Committee reminds all clubs of the need to abide by the player movement rules at all times and to note that in future the same technology will utilised to ensure this is the case.


Lastly, the Committee wishes to note that while the current season will be completed under the current rules, the movement rules as they relate specifically to goalkeepers will be reviewed this summer.


Thanks for your kind attention.




Tony Ng

Hon. Secretary