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HKHA P&D Section 19-20 Circular No. 2 - Sports Expo 2019 invitation

To:   Convenors of Affiliated Clubs


CC:  HKHA Council Members

         HKHA P&D Committee Members



We are excited to announce that The Hong Kong Hockey Association is joining the SPORTS EXPO again this year on August 16 – 18 at the Kowloon bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre (KITEC).


The SPORTS EXPO has been one of our annual events for the HKHA to promote hockey and our association. It has been a great platform for the HKHA to reach new players, schools and companies to join and try out hockey.


This year the HKHA – P&D section would like to share this platform with our affiliated clubs and to promote hockey together, because our section believes “Together, we can make a bigger impact!”


Our plan

The P&D section has reserved an area at the Sports Expo, it contains a booth with the HKHA information counter, and the remaining area is for hockey promotion & demonstration.


The P&D would like to invite your club to make use of the shared space by sending your players, coaches, club officials and/or anyone who is keen to act as hockey ambassadors for your club and on behalf of the HKHA to attract more people to pick up hockey.


Time slots allocation

There is no limit on how many days you can apply for, nevertheless the P&D will allocate time slots to the clubs who are interested in a fair manner, and we will do our best to match your availability.


During the peak hour time slots, there may be a need to have more than 1 club to share the shared space.


General Information



Kowloon bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre


Date & Opening Hours

11:00a.m.-08:00p.m. 16 August 2019

11:00a.m.-08:00p.m. 17 August 2019

11:00a.m.-07:00p.m. 18 August 2019


What is next?

If your club is interested, please sign up by replying this email with your club’s availability before 9 August 2019. It is totally free to join this year!!!


The P&D wants to create a bigger impact this year; we encourage each club to invite their players, friends and family to come to the Sports Expo to support their volunteers and our Sport of Hockey.


We will have hockey demonstration, where we will provide sticks and balls for the public to try out. We will also have our photo taking activities at our booth (it is optional to wear your hockey gear). Remember to share all the photos on your social media accounts with hashtags of #FIH, #HKHA, #SportsExpo2019. We aim to let the world know more about our hockey community.



Please TICK ☑ the box below (can tick more than one box per day )



16 AUG (Fri)

17 AUG (Sat)

18 AUG (Sun)

11:00 to 16:00

15:00 to End of day


-           Maximum of two hockey clubs to share the booth at a given time slot

-           Each time slot is 2 hours long. Depends on the availability, clubs may be allocated with more than one time slot per day.

-           Each time slot is allocated in a fair manner. The HKHA P&D section will do their best to match your availability.

-           There is an area for hockey demonstration and marketing tools (Oversized Instagram frame, HKHA mascot, leaflets etc.) are available for sharing among the clubs, please look after the equipment and return them in good forms.


Free Admission Pass

Free Admission Pass is available!

Pre-register for a free admission pass valued at $35 on or before 31st July 2019 !



Q: What is the purpose of the Sports Expo?

A: An excellent opportunity for hockey community to increase exposure of hockey to the public and to reach out to new potential groups/individuals


Q: Who is the general audience?

A: Sport lovers, group visitors (schools, corporate ...etc)


Q: What to expect from the Sports Expo?


- Various sports (free) trial class

- Sport competitions (from the past years: indoor climbing, rowing, cycling, etc)

- Sport photography exhibitions

- (on stage) Sports and health related seminar by sports professionals, HK representatives and other experts

- Lucky draw

- Crazy Sales on sports goods

- Total of 150 booths


Together we can make a difference, Thank you for your earliest participation.


Sports Expo 2018 photo (1)

Sports Expo 2018 photo (2)

Sports Expo 2018 photo (3)

Sports Epox 2018 photo (4)