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HKHAMS 19-20 Circular No. 7 - Summary of MS Convenors' Meeting, League Structure, Drawing Results

League Structure 2019-2020
HKHAMS Competition Bye-laws Revision 2019 Aug
HKHAUS New Proposed Changes for Season 2019-2020
Guv Dillon Cup 2019-2020
HKHA Cup 2019-2020
HKHA Plate 2019-2020
HKHA Bowl 2019-2020


Dear Conveners,

Thanks for attending the conveners' meeting being held on 15th August, 2019. Please find below the summary of the meeting for your reference. 

1. 2019-20 Men's league structure

 - All divisions will play two full rounds except for D6 that will have 2.5 rounds due to smaller number of teams (details to be confirmed shortly).


2. Revised MS Competition byelaws

a. Amendment of rules on Visiting Players (playing 3 consecutive matches, clarification on the requirements for proof of injuries).

b. Amendment of player movement rules for goalkeepers playing in D1 to D6 to allow more flexibility for GK coverage.

c. Add explicit requirements for D1 champion teams to explain their reasons for rejecting MS's request to be promoted to Premier Division

d. Impose much heavier penalties on walkover by Premier teams


3. Amendment in Rules of Hockey for local matches


4. Drawing results of Guv Dillon Cup, HKHA Cup, HKHA Plate, and HKHA Bowl



Tony NG

Hon. Secretary