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HKHAMS 19-20 Circular No. 10 - Revised MS Competition Bye-Laws and Code of Conduct

HKHAMS Competition Bye-Laws_2019_Highlighted Changes


Dear convenors,

To follow up on the subject during Men’s Conveners’ Meeting on August 15, 2019, Men’s Section has revised the MS Competition Byelaws prior to the start of the 2019-2020 season. Attached is the updated MS competition Bye-Laws with changes highlighted in red. Please note the Code of Conduct for HKHA has also been revised. The Code of Conduct can be found under the Third Schedule in the bye-law.

The revised byelaws have been approved by the HKHA Council and will be effective with immediate effect. 

Thanks for your kind attention.


Best Regards,

Ambrose Kwan

For Tony

Hon. Secretary