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HKHA 19-20 Circular no. 8 - Reorganisation of the HKHA - Proposal

To: Convenors of Affiliated Clubs

C.c.: HKHA Council Members
        HKHA Section Committee Members


At the HKHA Annual General Meeting in July 2018, a proposal to reorganize the Association was approved by clubs. 

The exercise has taken longer than expected. We are now in a position to share with clubs our proposal.

We have looked at the management structure of the HK Rugby Union, Cricket HK and the HK Lawn Bowls Association. We have also looked at the organizations which run hockey in England, South Africa and Ireland.


We consider a management structure quite similar to the Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association could be adopted for the HKHA. The HKHA Council Officers to comprise of:

1.    President
2.    Vice President - Competitions
3.    Vice President - International
4.    Vice President - Technical
5.    Vice President - Development
6.    Vice President - Promotion & Marketing
7.    Vice President - Facilities
8.    Vice President – Technology
9.    Hon. Secretary
10.  Hon. Treasurer

There will be only one AGM to elect the Council Officers. The AGM will be held not later than 30 June of each year (changed from 31 July). 

Term of office: 2 years on a rotational basis. Five Council Officers for a 2 year term 2020-2022, five initially for a one year term 2020-2021, as follows:

Two year term 2020-2022

VP (Competitions)
VP (International)
VP (Technical)
Hon. Secretary

Initial One year term 2020-2021

VP (Development)
VP (Promotion & Marketing)
VP (Facilities)
VP (Technology)
Hon. Treasurer 

Vice Presidents’ Responsibilities

Very briefly:

Competitions - all local men's, women's and youth league, knockout tournaments, local international events, team registration, competition bye-laws

International - all matters concerning the national squads, senior and junior

Technical - all technical aspects of the game, umpires, technical officials

Development – development of player and coaches (education aspect – course, workshop and seminar), development pathway of players and coaches. Mini hockey 

Promotion and Marketing- promote the game to a wider community, publicity, enhancement of website and social media platforms. Sponsorship 

Facilities – to liaise with LCSD and clubs re usage of existing facilities for outdoor and indoor hockey, timing of returfing of pitches, allocation of pitches for HKHA activities, etc.

(Note: matters regarding the proposed new hockey stadium will be handled by the New Stadium Working Group)

Technology – in this digital age, to introduce and implement modern technology in the day-to-day operation of the Association

Accounts – there will be only one set of annual accounts. All revenue from clubs for HKHA activities (men’s and women’s league and knockout competitions, youth league, men’s vets league) will go into one central account. 

There will no longer be individual sections within the Association. Clubs will be invited to submit nominations to serve on the various Committees / Sub-Committees to assist the Council in the day-to-day running of hockey activities. More details below.

Voting Rights

Each Full Member Club will be entitled to one vote. A Full member is a club with teams in the Men’s League and/or Women’s League.

Clubs with five or more teams in the two main leagues will be entitled to an extra vote. For information, based on the 2019-20 league season, the following seven (7) clubs will be entitled to an extra vote:


The maximum votes a Club is entitled to is therefore two.


A number of Committees will be set up to assist the Association in the day to day running of hockey in Hong Kong. Clubs will be invited to nominate candidates for consideration by the Council.

Clubs/teams affiliated to the P&D Section and the Veterans Section will be invited to nominate candidates to serve on the committees under the respective section. Similarly, clubs will be invited to nominate umpires to serve on the Umpires Committee.

Term of office of the Committees – 2 years on a staggered structure

List of Committees

Competitions Committee

Chair (VP Competitions)
Vice Chair
Grounds and Fixtures - 1 male 1 female ~ working together to maximize grounds usage and prepare fixtures
Player Registration -1 male 1 female ~ dealing with day to day questions from admin staff
Social media 

International Committee

Chair - VP (International)
Vice Chair
Members - male x 2, female x 2

Technical Committee

 Chair - VP (Technical)
Umpires appointments for local competitions - 1 male, 1 female
Members - 2 

Development Committee

Chair - VP (Development)
Members - 4 

Promotion & Marketing Committee

Chair - VP (Promotion & Marketing)
Members - 3/4 

Facilities Committee

Chair - VP (Facilities)
Members - 3 

Technology Committee

Chair - VP (Technology)
Members - 3/4

Vets Sub-Committee

Convenors - 1 male, 1 female

 Note: The Vets Sub-Committee will operate under the umbrella of the Competitions Committee

Time Line

1. Circulate proposal to clubs
2. Receive feedback from clubs
3. Circulate revised proposals, if any, to clubs
4. Revise the Memorandum & Articles of Association of the HKHA.
5. Circulate revised draft constitution to clubs
6. Summit to Companies Registry for approval
7. Adopt revised approved Articles at an AGM/EGM
8. Elect the Council Officers under the new structure

The above process will obviously take time to complete. It is therefore most likely the Section AGMs/Council AGM under the present structure will take place in June/July 2020.

Club Convenors are hereby requested to let us have their comments/feedback on the Reorganisation proposal by not later 28 April 2020.


Ernest Li

Hon. Secretary General