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HKHAMS 19-20 Circular No. 19 - Abandonment of Men's Winter League 2019-20


Dear Conveners,

As communicated at the Conveners' Forum on April 9 and the subsequent
email communication to clubs, Men's Section laid out three
options regarding the arrangement of the men's winter league subject to the
availability of the LCSD hockey pitches.

HKHA learnt from LCSD yesterday that their hockey pitches would not be
re-opened before 14th June. As a result, Men's Section will go for the
option 3 to abandon the rest of the winter league fixtures for 2019-20
season. There will be no league champions as most teams have not completed
their first round matches due to disruption to the fixtures by the social
events last year. No promotion nor relegation of teams for next season.

We are all disappointed with the unfortunate outcome though we do not have
much choice. We look forward to a fresh start by September.

As discussed at the Forum, Men's Section would consider offering an one-off
discount in the 2020-21 team fees to return the savings resulted from the
shortening of the season. More information will be available at the
upcoming MS AGM when the financial reports will be presented. The AGM date
will be communicated to you as soon as we have more visibility on the
relaxation of the social distancing measures in near term.

Stay tuned.


Tony Ng
Hon. Secretary