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HKHAMS 22-23 Circular No. 7- MS Experimental Competition Bye-law 22-23 and Extra No Play Day Request

Dear Convenors,


The MS has considered the challenges faced by clubs in recent years, in particular with the departures from Hong Kong and the reduction of school and youth hockey activities due to Covid-19 restrictions.  The MS proposes to introduce an experimental bye-law to help youth players to get more flexibility so they can compete this season.  The intention is to help and support the development of our younger players. 


The experimental bye-law:

"U21 players (players who are born on or after 1st January 2001) are allowed to play for the next higher-ranked team or the next lower-ranked team of his designated team during the first half of the season without binding by Competition bye-law 7.2 (b) (the 3 matches rule) and 7.4 (No player movement to Premier teams during first 3 matches).

i.e. if a U21 player is registered for a B team,  he is allowed to play in the A team and C team, and the he is also allowed to move up to play in Premier Division within the first 3 matches. The club needs to confirm the U21 player's designated team after the first round and Competition bye-law 7.2 (b) is applicable in the second half.


To better protect our youth players, all U21 players are required to wear full protective equipment during all leagues matches.  Full protective equipments include: 1. Mouth guard, 2. Protective glove and 3. Shin guards.


Extra No Play Day Request: 

In respond to the uncertainty we may face this season, the committee entitles each team to have 2 No Play Day Request, one in the first half and one in the second half.  Teams who would like to exercise their No Play Day Request for the second half should inform the committee (email to: & on or before 22nd December 2022.


The above experimental competition bye-law aims to provide more flexibility for clubs and young players to look for the best competitive level of their young players.  The committee will review the effectiveness at the end of the season.  We welcome your comments and feedbacks.



Jacky Chow

HKHAMS Hon Secretary