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Fighting Fit Taiwanese Run Riot Over Home Side (23/07/2011)

Day 1, Match 2

Fighting Fit Taiwanese Run Riot Over Home Side

Chinese Taipei vs Hong Kong, SAR

Half-time score: 5-1

Full-time score: 7-1

Fighting Fit Taiwanese Run Riot Over Home Side

By Eddie dos Passos/HKHA

A determined Chinese Taipei put themselves firmly in the hunt for the Men’s Junior AHF

Cup when they outran host Hong Kong 7-1 at King’s Park.

Chinese Taipei coach Tsai Yi Ming was at a lost for words as he continually gushed out in

excitement his joy at taking over Pool B with his side’s overwhelming goal-scoring attributes.

“Tonight’s win was something we put together technically and mentally,” said Tsai, who is both

physical coach, Professor and Dean at the Taipei Physical Education College, where most of the players hail from.   

Before coming to Hong Kong, he admitted he had his doubts over their ability to challenge any

of the teams for the AHF Cup.

Having played two friendlies with Hong Kong in May, with both ending in victories, a 2-1 and 4-0

result, he anticipated his side would be given more hard work against their host.

But it was not to be as their superb fitness began to dwindle away at the

Hong Kong game and defense.

“We spend a lot of time on the pitch,” said Tsai.

“We spend at least 12 hours per week just in training, including our weekends,” he said.

But he was also realistic in his side’s chances and said fellow Pool A rivals,

Singapore and China were likely to be more the tournament favourites compared to them.

“I feel that China will be more the favourites, while I do not know too much about how Singapore

play. Have they sent an Under-18 side for this tournament?” he said.

As to the other teams in Pool B _ Iran and Sri Lanka, he conceded were in a different class

while Hong Kong seemed to be on par with both these sides.

Even for this event, he replaced five players in the Under 18 age group to strengthen his side.

But in the coach’s mind he had two players to thank for their win _ Lai Kuan Chen, whom he

considered to be their best player and is in the heart of defense and skipper Hu Chun Che, a

forward, who is older and guides the team.

Ironically, Hong Kong were to open the account first when vice-captain Cheung Yiu-man

converted from a penalty corner, firing into the top left corner to give no chance for the Taiwan

keeper any chance of a touch for a fifth minute lead.

But then the Taiwanese took over proceedings as their short game and quick passing saw

them break into the Hong Kong area and see them literally score at will where in a space

of 17 minutes they nabbed five goals.

Goals from Taiwan’s Tseng Fu Yuan, a hat-trick (15th, 17th and 32nd) and all from the

field, along with efforts from Feng Shih Jung (20th) and Chen Kuan Hua (24th) showed they meant business.


Surely saving their energy for their next game against Sri Lanka on Monday, the side

may have taken their foot off the accelerator but they left no doubt that they were still firmly in control of the game.

While Chang rounded off the first-half with his penalty corner conversion in the 32nd minute to put the game beyond

Hong Kong’s reach as they took a comprehensive 5-1 lead into the break.

The second-half, still saw Taiwan in control as they limited themselves to a solitary goal through a Chang Chia Ming

effort in the 42nd minute.

Hong Kong coach Guv Dillon was at a lost for words as he felt they had been simply outplayed and outwitted

against the Taiwanese.

“I am not trying to make any excuses. The burden lands squarely on my shoulders. I played certain

tactics and they played the same tactics and we just were unable to anticipate them,” Dillon said.

He said preparations for this tournament had seen in training camp only two weeks before

the tournament and may have been part of the reason to their lopsided result.

“We lacked exposure and it is partially to do with the education system here. I did not get

most of my players as they were all too busy with examinations and we only had them together

two weeks prior to this tournament,” he said.

“We also have not had enough exposure leading up to this tournament but

there is a bright side to this defeat,” he said.

“The exposure generated from this game will hopefully see them (players) stand

up and grow up and be men. They are a good bunch of players, with a lot of talent and

hopefully we can grow up from this experience and learn from it,” he said.

The last time Hong Kong played in an Under 21 tournament, according to Dillon was

eight years previously.

“We have to look forward now and aim at continuity,” he said.

Sri Lanka next faces Pool B leaders Chinese Taipei on Monday evening (6pm)

while Hong Kong faces Iran at 8pm with both matches also at King’s Park.