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HockeyHKUS 23-24 Circular No. 5 - 2023-2024 Online Refresher Course

To:    All Umpires

Cc:   Convenors of Affiliated Clubs (Men’s, Women’s and Youth)
        HockeyHK Council Members
        HockeyHK Section Committee Members

16 November 2023

Dear Umpires,

This Circular is to inform those umpires who have been unable to attend a Refresher Course this season and those umpires whose Registration lapsed during or after 2019 that the HockeyHKUS is arranging another Refresher Course to be held online on 9th January 2024 (Tuesday), starting at 7:30pm.

Please note, for those umpires whose Registrations have lapsed, a formal Assessment on a league game with an assessor in attendance is mandatory before being issued with an active Umpire Number.

It may be possible to arrange additional Refresher sessions before January 9th 2024, if you prefer this then please email to stating this and HockeyHKUS will make contact to try to arrange.

Please note that this initiative is for this season only and shall not become normal practice.  HockeyHKUS shall continue to review the Refresher process going forward however.

For the Registration process, you MUST

(i)        complete the online registration form 

(ii)       pay the annual registration fee ($100) to 658-117619-838 (HSBC) and email your bank-in receipt with your full name and umpire number to
(iii)       attend at least one refresher course.

Notes for online registration form:

1.       Registered Club (Umpire Duties): each umpire should register with a club. This may not necessarily be the club he/she plays for. If an umpire does not register with any club, he/she can only do appointed duties, but not any club duty.

You shall be notified via email before the scheduled date whether you have successfully registered or not, and you will be provided with a video conference link before the course.


Kind Regards,

Alistair James Clark
HockeyHKUS Committee