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HockeyHKUS 23-24 Circular No. 6 - Qualified Umpire Assessments

To:    All Umpires

Cc:   Convenors of Affiliated Clubs (Men’s, Women’s and Youth)
        HockeyHK Council Members
        HockeyHK Section Committee Members

Dear Convenors,


This season the Umpires’ Section has been looking to reintroduce assessments for already-qualified umpires as a way of identifying people to move up from Reg-Div panels, and Div-Prem panels.


We have now set up this assessment structure and we are asking if anyone wants to be considered for assessment.  If so, please email to stating this, including your name and phone number, and HockeyHKUS will make contact to try to arrange.


Please note we have limited resource for this but we will make good efforts to help you.  This applies for both men’s and women’s games.


Kind Regards,

Alistair James Clark
HockeyHKUS Committee