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HockeyHKUS 23-24 Circular No. 8 - Technical Official Course

To:       All Umpires & Match Officials

Cc:       Convenors of Affiliated Club’s (Men’s, Women’s and Youth)
            HockeyHK Council Members
            HockeyHK Section Committee Members


Dear Convenors,


The Umpire Section (US) has identified a need to carry out some training for our Premier League Match Officials, and to further enhance the role to make it more similar to the FIH Technical Official (TO) role.  The US intends to arrange this training to be online, and to be held on Thursday January 11th 2024.


This course is for all existing Match Officials, and is open to those who would like to learn to become a TO in readiness to take appointments.  If there are sufficient resources after the course then the US may consider to approach the MS & WS with a proposal to expand the coverage of TOs to include Division 1 as well as Premier.  Please note that this is far from being a certainty at this time.


The Course will be held online. Please see details as follows:


Date: 11 January 2024 (Thursday)

Time: 19:30-21:00

Venue: Online

Instructor: Alfred Chan

Language: English


Course fee: $0


Please note that to obtain a TO qualification attendance on this course in mandatory. 


The US is currently considering running annual Refresher Courses for this qualification.


Please register using the link below:


The course capacity will be limited to 50 persons. Successful registrants shall be notified via email and video conference details shall follow. Thank you.


Kind Regards,

Alistair James Clark
HockeyHKUS Committee