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HKHAUS 18-19 Circular No. 2 - 2018-2019 Annual Registration and Refresher Cours

To: All Umpires


Cc: Convenors of Affiliated Club’s (Men’s, Women’s and Youth)
       HKHA Council Members
       HKHA Section Committee Members


Dear Umpires,


All umpires are required to complete an annual registration process.


If you fail to complete this annual registration process, you will become an “Inactive Member” and you are not allowed to officiate any hockey games held in Hong Kong.


If you have been listed as “Inactive Member” for two seasons or more, you will be deregistered from the HKHAUS membership list.


For the annual registration process, you MUST

(i)      complete the online registration form:

(ii)     attend at least one refresher course.


Notes for online registration form:


1.       Registered Club (Umpire Duties): each umpire should register with a club. This may not necessarily be the club he/she plays for. If an umpire does not register with any club, he/she can only do appointed duties, but not any club duty.


2.       There will be four Refresher Courses scheduled in August. You are required to attend at least one of them. Prior online registration is a MUST. You may only register for ONE of them. There will be a quota of 60 for each refresher course. You will be put in the waiting list if the course is FULL. Anyone who has registered for one refresher course but fails to attend for any reason, may register for another course, but will only be put in the waiting list. There will be a workshop for Premier Panel Umpires. This workshop will be for those who will be appointed in the coming season. Those being invited are not required to attend other refresher courses, unless they are unable to attend this workshop. Below are the details for the upcoming refresher courses.

(A)    24 Aug 2018 (Fri)        1900 – 2100        HKFC        English

(B)    27 Aug 2018 (Mon)     1900 – 2100        KP              Cantonese

(C)    28 Aug 2018 (Tue)      1900 – 2100        HKFC        Cantonese

(D)    31 Aug 2018 (Fri)        1900 – 2100        KP              English

You will be informed two days before the scheduled dates whether you have successfully registered or not.


          Premier Panel Umpire Workshop:        Details to be informed


Kind Regards,


Hon. Secretary, HKHAUS