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HKHAMS 18-19 Circular No. 13 - Revised MS competition Bye-Laws (September 2018)


HKHAMS Competition Bye-Laws (September 2018)_ClearVersion

HKHAMS Competition Bye-Laws (September 2018)_RevisedVersion


Dear Conveners,


As discussed at the Men’s Conveners’ Meeting on Aug 21, Men’s Section has decided to revise the  MS Competition Byelaws to include changes related to the implementation of e-match card and the clarification on the definition of ineligible players. Rest are minor refinement on the player movement rules, colour of the hockey match balls, abolishment of extra-time for knock-out matches, introduction of the club panel umpires as well some revision in the fines. 


The revised byelaws have been approved by the HKHA Council and will be effective with immediate effect. 


Thanks for your kind attention.


Best regards,


Tony Ng


Hon. Secretary