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HKHAWS 18-19 Circular No. 16 - Quarters for Premier and Strict Monitoring of Match Start & End Times

To: Convenor of Affiliated Club (Women’s)
Cc: HKHAWS Committee 


Match Times, Premier Division - Trialling of Quarters & Related Bye-laws 


Dear Convenors,

In order to ensure the smooth running of match days given the limited pitch availability, we have set out below a reminder of key bye-laws relating to match start and finish times and how they will be enforced this coming season.  We have also provided an update regarding premier division games. 

1.     Premier Division


As announced earlier today in the Council’s circular no. 2, this coming season we will trial for the first round of the Premier Division the FIH match regulations for quarters, as described in more detail in the aforementioned circular.  


2.     Strict Compliance with Match Start and End Times

All teams should be starting matches at the scheduled start time as published on the HKHA website.  As mentioned at the convenors’ meeting, the committee will be monitoring this much more closely this season and imposing fines in accordance with the Competition Bye-laws.  Please note by-laws 11.2, 13.2 and 17.1 (available on the HKHAWS  The position under the bye-laws is as follows:

(a)  If a match starts more than 10 minutes late, one or both teams of the match may be penalised (i) under 11.2 if the delay is due to the fault of one or both teams, (ii) under 13.2 if one or both umpires have not arrived on time and one or both Team Captains have failed to comply with 13.2 (please note this could result in a double penalty if the delay is caused by one or both Team Captains not umpiring/ designating an umpire to allow the match to start within 10 minutes of the start time). 


(b)  If umpires arrive late, if this is a club team duty the relevant team whose duty it was shall be fined in accordance with the second schedule and if it is an appointed umpire team captains should make a note of this on the match card and this will be reviewed by the committee and/or the umpiring section.


(c)   If games are commenced at the scheduled start time the game will be finished at least 10 minutes before the start of the next scheduled match.  Consequently, if any game starts after the scheduled start time, teams must ensure the game is cut short as described in 11.2 so that the game is completed 10 minutes before the scheduled start time of the next game (e.g. for a 2pm game, if it starts at 2:15 it must be completed by 3:20 so each half would be shortened to 2 x 30 minutes with a 5 minutes break at half time.    



Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries about the above.


Kind regards


Leela Patel

Chairwoman of HKHAWS